Day 11- Oxford to Arapahoe

Day 11 – Oxford to Arapahoe

I didn’t get on the road today until about 1:30 pm. In the morning Spring took my clothes into the laundrymat while I played at the park with Eva. When she got back, I slowly started packing my new supplies.

Fin ally I decided I better leave or I would not make Arapahoe by dark. I rode along the highway for awhile & then took some back roads suggested by locals in the rest of the way. It was a quiet 7 fairly uneventful day.

I made it into Arapahoe around 6:30 pm & rode around the town looking for the park. I found it, but I talked to Irv & Cindy Huxoll & they told me the sprinkler system will come on in the middle of the night & get me soaked. I asked them about the feedlot in town. They said if I was going that way they had a property I could camp at.

I headed across town to their property & when I arrived began unpacking. I had so many new supplies I could barely get my pack off of Shug. When I was nearly done unsaddling the Huxolls arrived with a water tub to fill up for the horses. They were very kind. They even asked to make sure I had plenty of food & money. They said if I didn’t they would be glad to help; fortunately I currently have enough of both.

Erv told me about the historic property I was camping on & shared some local history about the area. Apparently Custer spent a lot of time in this area while he was stationed at Ft. Hays. He told me Custer also took a European Baron buffalo hunting in the country I would be riding through on the way to Cambridge.

After the Huxolls left I finished unsaddling & put the animals out to graze. I didn’t want to start a fire, so I just ate a cold can or soup & a can of mandarin oranges for dessert. Then I set up my tent & just relaxed for a while before heading for bed. The Huxolls also told me if it got stormy me & the animals could just go in the house for shelter, which I found very amusing.


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