Oxford Nebraska, Turkey Days!

DAY 10  Alma to Oxford

Today was a good day.  I woke up & Dave Wolf took me out to breakfast & then took me out to see Harlan County Lake & the Peckerneck trailhead.  When I got back to camp I put the animals out to graze & broke camp.  I rode on gravel to the town of Orleans & then rode the highway to Oxford.

Along the way I talked to several people who told me that is was Turkey Days in Oxford & there would be a free turkey dinner when I arrived.   The ride was fairly uneventful.  I rode most of the highway in the ditch letting the animals graze.  Spring & Eva were driving up to camp with me in Oxford & I was really looking forward to that.

I arrived at the park & was graciously accepted by the locals. I unloaded & ran picket lines for the animals & went to explore the Turkey Days festivities. It was fun – they had youth vendors selling jewelry, baked goods, sunflower seeds, & root-beer floats. I opted for a root-beer float. While I was enjoying my root-beer float I chatted with a local who used to pack for sheep camps in Colorado & Utah. He had a lot of interesting stories to tell.  It was soon time for dinner & I enjoyed a big turkey sandwich, potato salad, & iced tea.  While I was sitting there relaxing at a picnic table a man came up, looked at me and said “Hey, where’s your horse?”  I didn’t say a word or look up I just pointed towards my mule and horse on the picket line.  When I did look up I wish I could have captured what I witnessed in picture for everyone.  I witnessed the most perfect change of expression that only happens when a person just realizes the went from “smart ass” to “dumb ass” in a split second.  His smug expression went to a funny face and he looked down and walked away.  That was the only person so far that has shown me anything but complete kindness.  Later the man I had chatted with before, about Colorado, brought over a tub to water the animals with.

As I awaited my wife & daughters arrival I took in the FFA auction where people bid for the right to have FFA members do a days work for them. There was also live music & donkey bingo. For those who have not witnessed donkey bingo, I will explain. They sell squares in the donkey pen & if the donkey relieves itself in your square you win. I think it was the strangest fundraiser I have ever witnessed.

After the festivities died down a few people remained and sang karaoke on stage & I sang some Merle Haggard for my new friends in Oxford, NE. Shortly after Spring & Eva arrived, the karaoke singers left & we set up tents & then went downtown to let Eva enjoy the carnival. That was a good time, but I was exhausted when we left & was ready for bed.

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4 Responses to Oxford Nebraska, Turkey Days!

  1. Jan says:

    I just started following your trip.
    How wonderful your wife and daughter can come and camp with you and critters.
    I like your wit, and humor and calmness in the situation with waking up and No mule and No horse.
    Can you clarify Horse’s name and Mule’s name for me. I am in love with them already.
    I had years ago a horse named frosty and a mule named Pete. They were just a hoot! Old age took them from me.
    Wishing you God’s speed and safety to your destination .

  2. admin says:

    Fred is the Mule. Sugar Flo (I some times just call him “Shug”) is the horse

  3. Jan says:

    Neat! I will now know whom you are talking about.. thanks for replying.

  4. Tom Fairbank says:

    I would like to “follow” your trip. I just completed mine from WA to MT. I believe everyone has a dream maybe not to do a long ride but a something and we need to live our dreams.

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